Saturday, 13 August 2011


It's the sun! Holy crap where did that come from?
Well finally, it's a beautiful day here. The last time I wore shorts was July 12th.
Today, I am pleased to say, I am wearing Capri pants and spent pretty much the entire day at the garden!

Oh our poor garden.

This year we decided that we were going to plant veggies. So my wonderful LN made a 4' X 4' box and filled it with topsoil and compost, and sprinkled in a little bone meal. We then went to a local farm and bought a tomato plant, 3 lettuce plants, 2 broccoli plants and a rosemary plant. We also planted a few rows of carrots and some pole beans.

We had originally planned on growing everything from seed, but because June's weather was crap we got a late start. In fact June and July have lovingly been referred to as Juvember and August, so far has been Fogust.

So we finally got the garden planted on July 2nd.

We are now 6 weeks in and this is what we have:

That pot in the front is a few cloves of garlic that started to sprout in our fridge. So we planted them!

We were, at first, really concerned about the tomatoes because the leaves were turning yellow. But they are doing just fine:

Our carrots however, have seems to have stalled a little, they are only about an inch, maybe an inch and half tall.

But it's coming along. LN is on constant bug assassination detail as the broccoli leaves are full of holes.

The hope is that by the time October comes, we'll have a few meals that are straight from the garden!

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