Saturday, 6 August 2011

Attempt #2

The other day (Tuesday I think it was), I went to the local cupcake store because I had a hankering for a cupcake. Delicious, moist, icing covered, cupcakey goodness!

They were out.
(well they had carrot cupcakes with cream cheese icing - I can't eat cream cheese, and who wants a carrot cupcake anyway?!)

I went to the grocery store and picked up a coffee cake - cinnamon with caramel on top. Yum!

So instead of eating one single cupcake - I ate 1/3 of a coffee cake... sigh.

Anyway I'm heading out to said cupcake store again. It's a pretty crappy day out so I'm hoping that they will have something other than carrot. Wish me luck!



  1. Yum! I too get hankerings for cupcakes (who doesn't?) so I completely understand. I hope you find your delicious sugary confection soon!

  2. Thanks! I did! The one on the left is a chocolate chip cupcake, and the one on the right is a lemon lime one - with a delicious lemon filling.... drool!!
    I bought two with the intent to share with LN. He had 1/4 of one of them... that's sharing right?
    Sigh, I have no willpower.

  3. It's okay, I've gotten used to surviving off the scattered crumbs left around such treats :-P