Saturday, 6 August 2011

My first post

Hello! My fiancé (hereby know as LN = Lovable Nerd) has been telling me for a while now that I should start a blog. So this is my blog.

So what's interesting about me? Well, I'm getting married in Oct 2012. I've been a wedding FREAK for a long long long time, and now I'm actually planning my own! To say I'm excited would be an understatement.

I love cats. I have two kitties, aka snuggerwugs, or as LN calls them: Asshole and Fatty. He secretly loves them.

I am a DIY fanatic! I love to make crafts and I'm doing a lot of the wedding stuff myself.

I love curling. No, not my hair. The winter sport where you throw rocks down a sheet of ice and try to score points. Yup freakin' LOVE IT! I've been playing for most of my life and I'm now also the VP of the curling club. During the Brier, the Scotties, the worlds, the Olympics, I like to scream at the TV. For some reason I think it helps. LN retreats to the computer room during these times - understandably.

I like to take pictures of mushrooms and graveyards (Oh! mushrooms IN graveyards, OR the less common: mushroom graveyard...!). I also take a lot of pictures of my kitties - LN calls it "stop motion cat photography". He is correct.

So I hope you like reading my blog. I will try to post on a regular basis. Seriously - I'll totally try! Success guaranteed! *Guarantee is not a guarantee*


  1. Yay! Blogs for everybody! :D

    Ok, I know you like cats and apparently you like mushrooms too. Have you seen the Dainty Squid ( Lots of cats and mushrooms there. :P

  2. YAY! Thanks!
    I love taking pictures of mushrooms, but I need a better camera. Mine doesn't work well in low light. Once my back gets better, I'm hoping to do some more hiking and get some great photos!