Monday, 31 October 2011

I suck.

It's Halloween!

And it's been over a month since my last post - bad Beanie.

LN and I were sitting at home on Saturday night thinking "Man! We've got to get some new friends!" Not that there's anything wrong with our old friends - still love them lots! But many of them do not live in the same community as we do. This summer quite a few of our close friends moved away - it was a very sad time. No matter how many times I beg them to come back - they just don't listen.

Our friends that are left in this city all have small children (or are about to have small children)- and we do not have small children - well not human ones anyway. So while their lives are kept busy with diapers and bottles and play dates, my life is filled with... well bottles too, wine bottles! lol!

So I said to LN "That's it, next year we are either having a party or going to [my home town]" and he agreed that would be a good idea.

I called one of my bridesmaids today (to wish her a HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! That's right, her b-day is Halloween!) and told her this. Her response: "You know that next Halloween is your wedding right?"

DUH! It didn't register with either or us!

But it looks like I'm right! We will be throwing a party, but everyone has to dress up like wedding guests. And I will dress up like a bride.