Sunday, 27 November 2011

The "Harvest"

So we hauled up our carrots...

First I'm going to show you a photo of my father's veggies.

Dad's Harvest - taken on my Blackberry.

The carrot is 16 inches long. And that is a potato next to it.

Now here are our carrots.

That is a regular sized #2 pencil - unfortunately - not a giant novelty sized pencil.

Our entire carrot harvest fit into one Tupperware container...

 ... half full. (that's LN giving his seal of approval - or something). 

Yes that is a regular, non-giant pencil next to my carrots. How's that for a crop? LOL!
But this is our first time, and we learned and next year we will do better.

They were really tasty though! Made a great snack!

Take 1

I have completed a bouquet! Well, the first draft of it.


From the top

Side profile
Please excuse the crappy-ass grainy photos - my camera does not take good photos in "low light" (ie inside or on a cloudy day).

Those flowers are made of crape paper. I showed them to my friend who is also my decorator and she commented that I have to make sure I don't get them wet or they will go all splotchy. DAMNIT! I didn't even think of that! So I'm going to take this apart and I'm going to make the flowers out of cloth.

Two steps forward, one step back.

I like the bouquet. I was planning on having it all beads, but it's just too much. So I think the flowers add some texture to it. I didn't want a lot of flowers, but I think I may add a few more once I put it all together again.

I got the bead tutorial from this blog, and the flower tutorial from this one!

On another note - today is 11 months until the wedding!! Excitement! I have lots to do though. I'm going to have to make a list and time table of everything I have left! 

You suck as a Blogger. Just sayin.

This is the Blackberry messenger message I got on Wednesday from my friend Sandi. And it's true.

I've had two posts ready to go now for the past while that just need me to get the pictures off my camera and attach them to the posts. Still not done.

And while we're on the topic how much I suck. I haven't been down to visit my new niece yet either. She is 12 days old today. I do have a mild excuse - I've been dealing with a cold and chest infection since she was born. But that doesn't make up for this weekend.

Time just seems to be getting away from me. I have too much to do and too little time. I would really like it if the day could have one extra hour - or maybe just Saturday and Sunday have an extra hour each. Of course, I'd just manage to pack that hour full of things too.

Anyway I'll take those pictures off right now and post them... now where is my camera?