Sunday, 27 November 2011

The "Harvest"

So we hauled up our carrots...

First I'm going to show you a photo of my father's veggies.

Dad's Harvest - taken on my Blackberry.

The carrot is 16 inches long. And that is a potato next to it.

Now here are our carrots.

That is a regular sized #2 pencil - unfortunately - not a giant novelty sized pencil.

Our entire carrot harvest fit into one Tupperware container...

 ... half full. (that's LN giving his seal of approval - or something). 

Yes that is a regular, non-giant pencil next to my carrots. How's that for a crop? LOL!
But this is our first time, and we learned and next year we will do better.

They were really tasty though! Made a great snack!

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