Saturday, 17 September 2011

Busy lying down

Sigh... my stupid back. I'm doing ok with my treatment and recovery, but I think it's going to be a longer road than previously hoped.

I know I said that stop motion cat photography was next - I lied. I'm sorry.

Anyway while I've been lying on the couch, I've been busy cross stitching a baby blanket for my soon-to-be sister-in-law. She's due in November so I have a lot of work to do. I'm doing a Winnie the Pooh blanket for her. It's going to be super cute! So far you can see Tigger starting to take shape.

 T-I-Double Geh-ER (and the backside of Pooh)

I've also been busy working on my bead bouquet. I've discovered that if you put a hook into the part of a drill where the bit goes (LN informs me that it's called the "chuck") - it's SOOO much easier to put these beads on individual wires!

This is 100 beads! Maybe I'm crazy, but I thought 100 beads would look bigger than this! 

Also, a friend of mine - Leah - has a kick ass blog! I'm all about her most recent post (well "most recent" when I started to write this post - which was... last week?) - not that I can relate at all... cough cough... and there's no jealousy either.... ahem...

Check it out! Zombies Wearing Helmets


  1. Pooh bum! LOL! I'm just getting around to reading this now. My Google Reader has been a tiiiiiny bit backed up lately. (Meaning I like way more blogs that I have time to read - and I'm not even working right now!)

    Annnnnnyway, thanks for the shoutout on my somewhat-embarrassing-but-not-really-cause-I'm-too-old-to-care-anymore NKOTB post. :P

    I figured you were doing lots of cross stitch during your recovery, but a whole blanket? Good grief, Charlie Brown! My hat is off to you and your endless supply of patience.

  2. Yup Cross stitching a baby blanket. It's coming along pretty good too. I have Piglet almost done now. This isn't my first baby blanket. Two years ago I cross stitched a Care Bear baby blanket for my friend Heather. That one took a long long long time to do. This one is going much faster!