Saturday, 24 September 2011

Farmer Nerd

LN and I can honestly say that we "made" our salad! Well... mostly. We finally have a harvest! Last week we made a salad out of our own lettuce and tomatoes (and other stuff we bought at the store - but never mind that).
We also have pole beans that I harvested today and plan to make a yummy side dish out of, and garlic that should be ready any day (week) now! The carrots are... well... not doing so great, and the broccoli is a bust.


The garden! 

 LN's bum. Tee hee!

Tomatoes ripening!

 Our first harvest! 5 cherry tomatoes!


 The head of lettuce we ate!


  1. I love your garden! My husband and I can not wait to move out of our tiny apartment and into a house so we can do more outdoorsy things. I've got a bit of a black thumb but I'm determined to cure myself someday.

  2. Thanks! I used to have a black thumb too. I've killed a lot of plants in my day - usually ones that are "easy" to grow, like cactus and ivy. I've determined it's because I care too much! lol!
    When you start to grow a vegetable garden, remember to look up what each plant likes: tomatoes like LOTS of water; broccoli needs to be checked twice a day for worms; add bone meal and compost to your soil; fertilize a few times a week, stuff like that.
    It's great though, to cook fresh veggies knowing that it's your hard work that you're eating!
    I haven't given up hope on the carrots. Apparently they will be ok even when there's snow on the ground. Although I hope we don't get snow any time soon!